Visit the new Internet Calendars (Beta)

Welcome to the newest feature of  iCalendar calendars.  For some quick background on iCalendar, please read this Wikipedia article.  This new feature allows us to syndicate the schedules of Elder teams for easy download to the calendar software on your computer, iPhone, Android phone, etc.

We now also offer a feed of all scheduled events for all teams between today's date and 30 days in the future. It's available here.

We've tested those schedules for compatibility with the Google Calendar service.  To add either of the above schedules in Google Calendar:
  1. Copy the URL of one of the above schedules
  2. Log in to Google Calendar and click the down arrow to the right of "Other Calendars" at the bottom of the calendars list
  3. Under the "Other Calendars" heading, click "Add by URL"
  4. On the Add by URL screen, paste the URL of the schedule and click "Add Calendar"

You can also download each iCal file to your desktop computer and double click the file to add it to Microsoft Outlook.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments or problems please e-mail us at