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Sure-Fire Directions to Brentwood Bowl

School Name:
St. Xavier
9176 Winton Rd.
Driving Directions:
You want to get on Spring Grove Ave., which is underneath the Western Hills Viaduct. So you go down Quebec, right on Westwood. Instead of going over the top of the viaduct, be in the right lane and go down the ramp to the right of the viaduct - at that point you'll be following signs for South-75 (DON'T get on South-75). Once you're underneath, get in the left lane, turn left on SPRING GROVE at the light. It's a nutty street, so be careful. After a few miles, turn left on WINTON RD. There's a big construction equipment rental place on that corner. Go up Winton, cross North Bend, keep going. I've never been there, but Mr. Guenther says you can't miss it. He also says there's a nice ice cream parlor in there! Give yourselves plenty of time.
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When using any driving directions or map, it's a good idea to do a reality check and make sure the road still exists, watch out for construction, and follow all traffic safety precautions.
This is only to be used as an aid in planning.